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Name: Protect mesh for water tank of car
It is a further process wire mesh products, can protect the water tank of car effectively from the invading and attacking by the flying mosquito, sand & small stone, willow catkins or etc. It had solved successfully the problems for the car of condenser blocked, bad dissipate heat of car water tank, air condition refrigerate in low efficiency, air compressor switch on frequently, electric fan work in a long beyond time, then make all the cart parts in a longer service life.
Strong point of this protect mesh for car:

I. Installing easily: With the all purpose fasten, this protect mesh is suitable to install on all types and brands car. When you put the protect mesh in front of the condenser, the all purpose fasten can fasten the frame of the protect mesh on the car and you don’t need to worry about single part be damaged. On the same time, it can’t effect the car’s beautiful because its hide installing.

II. Non - Cleaning: It is non - cleaning because the flying mosquito and dusty will be peeled off after drying when the car is driving on the way. It can greatly avoid the traditional cleaning by high pressure water gun which often push down the cooling fin then damage the water tank and condenser while not beautiful.

III. Oil saving: With the good dissipate heat and air condition, the oil will be saved greatly.

IV. Long service life: Made by the high quality stainless steel wire mesh and rubber frame, it is with a long service life more than 3 years.
ADD: The production basis of wire mesh in Anping, Hebei, China
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ADD: The production basis of wire mesh in Anping, Hebei, China TEL: +86-318-7989090 FAX: +86-318-7989698